How to Protect Your Xfinity Security System From Hackers

Research the Device
If you are adding a 3rd party device to your Xfinity Security System, make sure that you do your due diligence and purchase the equipment from a distinguished company that follows standard security protocols and best practices.

Register the Device
Be sure to register your equipment, not only for warranty purposes – but to ensure that you are receiving any firmware updates.

Pay Attention to Passwords
It is critical to promptly modify default passwords. Passwords should be composed of a mixture of letters, cases, numbers, and symbols that would be challenging to guess.

Design a Secure Wi-Fi Network
To ensure that hackers can’t easily just disarm your Xfinity Home Security system, it is important to protect your entire home network

Consider Professional Installation
If this sounds like more than you want to deal with. Keep in mind that Comcast Home Security provides professional installation with built-in smart home integration

Reset to Factory Default Settings
Before you dispose of, sell or give away any smart devices that came from Comcast Security, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove all of your data.
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