Public Adjuster vs. Claim Adjuster [ What's the difference? ]

 Most people are not really sure what Public Adjusters are and what they do?

They typically think Public Adjusters are the same as Claims Adjusters.

They are somewhat similar but very different.

We breakdown the major differences between the two.

Public Adjusters

-Can ONLY represent property owners and/or the insured of the property

They can't represent the insurance company, they can't represent people if they've been injured, and they can't file a lawsuit.

Claim Adjusters

-They work ONLY for the insurance company

They represent the insurance company and try to achieve settling claims, closing claims, and paying as little as possible to protect his/her employers financial interest

Independent Adjuster

-These are claim adjusters that work for insurance companies but can work for MULTIPLE companies at one time for various claims.

They can NOT represent the property owner and/or the insured of the property.

What has been your experience with claims adjuster for the insurance company on your property damage claim? Leave a comment on your experience.

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