Study guides and study aids for college students

We sell study guides and study aids for college students of different majors. We sell test banks. A test bank is an excellent companion to traditional studying methods and includes a compilation of exam-style questions, primarily in multiple-choice format. It’s textbook specific and corresponds with the exact material in your book. We also sell solution manuals. A solution manual contains the solutions and answers to the exercises, review questions, problems, and case studies in the textbook. This solution manual will make you a more efficient student, completing homework assignments at an accelerated rate. It can also help you verify that your answers, as well as the reasoning you used, are correct. It helps you to not only learn the correct answers, but to thoroughly understand the material.

Below is the list of majors:
1. Business and Management
• Accounting Finance Marketing Management Economics Operations Management
2. Science and Technology
• Biology Chemistry Physics Anatomy and Physiology Nutrition and Health Environmental Sciences Mathematics and Calculus
3. Engineering
4. Nursing and Health Professions
5. Humanities and Social Sciences
• Psychology Criminology and Law Enforcement Sociology Education Anthropology Political Science.
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