Two Vancouver hikers got Lyme symptoms. One is still sick. My experience

How I cured myself in less than 60 days from Lyme. Julie, however, is being treated still for Lyme, Bartonella, and Babiosis. This is my DIY regime for beating Lyme disease and its co-infections, likely. In December 2017, mentioned a study that a 28-day Doxycycline regime does not kill the Borrelia bacteria. Lyme disease is not easily cured by Western medicine, so Julie resorted to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, but she still suffers from symptoms. After reading the Lyme websites of Johns Hopkins, ILADS, Dr. Burrascano, LymeNet Europe in Netherlands, Topix, I formed an opinion that in order to save myself from chronic Lyme (for example, read the New York Post article on famous-model Yolanda Hadid, actress Karen Allen, the UK billionaire Caldwell's family), I needed to use a non-standard regime for my severe Lyme symptoms. Just before Christmas, all my symptoms were finally gone. I used ideas from all over the Internet. This is a trailer, and a full video is in the works. Thanks to the Universe- you had my back! I am available for talks as a speaker on my personal journey out of Lyme disease, without the “standard Western medicine” regime.

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