Christian Trance Music

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Christian Trance Music is a popular subgenre of Christian music that includes elements of classical folk music and sometimes modern dance movements. These elements are usually more melodic rather than rhythmic, and therefore tend to have a captivating quality about them. The songs are usually sung in a very meditative manner which often involves repeating words or phrases in a prayer like manner. Often the music has a sort of hypnotic quality about it, as many of the instruments are very prominent in these types of songs. In this article we'll look at some examples of this style and how it can be used in worship.

Many forms of Christian trance music feature minimalist lyrics with a good beat but a repetitive pattern. The most popular form is probably Frankie Goes To Hollywood by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. This is a great example of how Christian music can incorporate elements of other genres without becoming blatantly derivative. Many times the basic drumbeat and guitar melodies are almost buried in the minimal harmonies of the lyrics, and yet the listener is drawn into the song because of its hypnotic quality.

Another very common characteristic of Christian trance music is that it tends to center on certain themes, most notably the Christian God, Jesus, or the Christian message. It may center on a loved one or a beloved subject. Many times the songs deal with a situation that has affected a Christian, such as divorce or loss of a loved one. It may be that the singer wants to focus on something such as the agony experienced by a child after losing a parent, or how a person feels after having a heart attack.

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