Getting More Customers From Facebook Ads for Local Business

Facebook ads have worked for my clients however you need to have a strategy and good offer in place to generate interest and leads to your business.
Here are the 6 steps to create a lead generating Facebook ad campaign:
1. A great offer: A beautiful ad can’t mask a bad offer. The goal here is to build your email and phone leads so a great ad offer is your irresistible lead magnet. Your lead magnet can be a entry priced product/service and must be something your target audience actually WANTS. Something so irresistible to your target audience that they must take you up on that offer. So irresistible that it’s a no brainer.
2. Write compelling copy: Facebook’s newsfeed are crowded and every post is vying for users attention…Use the AIDA FB Ad formula to write high converting ad copy.
3. Use eye catching creatives: The image, video or visual that you are will be using in your FB Ad. Your creative should be a visual representation of your copy. Your copy explains why they should get your lead magnet and your creative should do the SAME. The best converting creatives are real life photos/videos of you and your business so that people know that you’re a real business and creates connection.
4. Ad to landing page relevancy: If your landing page is not relevant and in agreement to your FB ad - it will create confusion and cause the user to exit without taking any action. Whatever was presented in your FB Ad, must also be represented on your landing page. Having a relevant landing page can make the difference between a 10% to a 40% conversion rate.
5. Target the right audience: You could build the best FB Ad campaign but if you put it in front of the wrong audience, you will fail . To keep it simple, if you target people who “like” Tony Robbins, your ad will be shown to people who have at some point clicked the “like” button on Tony Robbin’s page or something related to Tony Robbins. For local business or small business targeting, target your business address with a 5mile to 10mile radius to the area and test with genders and age groups.
6. Put everything in action with "Generate Leads With Facebook Ads For Local Business [2017]" course at
This course shows you how to generate leads for local businesses and specifically shows you how to collect names, emails and phone number as well as automating the followup with leads.
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