How to Hire a Professional and Dependable Cleaning Company

Cleaning is one of the most popular jobs to be outsourced to contractors, and it's also the outsourced task most likely to have service providerschanged because clients are dissatisfied.
There are no statistically verified studies on the rate of churn in the contract cleaning industry, but anecdotal reports from experienced sources within the industry claim that just over half of contract jobs are changed within twelve months of a contract being signed, due to client dissatisfaction. This is an astonishingly large rate of supplier churn.
These kinds of figures make hiring commercial cleaners a difficult and unenviable task, especially for the inexperienced.
Below is an info-graphic that explains the top reasons why people are either dissatisfied or satisfied with a commercial cleaner, and given the anecdotal statistics just shared, would appear to be a priceless reference to help someone successfully hire a good cleaner.
Info-Graphic bySmart Cleaning Solutions
The info-graphic lists the top reasons why people are either satisfied or dissatisfied with a commercial cleaner.
With this reference in hand anyone facing the unenviable task of finding and hiring a competent cleaner is undoubtedly far better off than the average novice.


And even better, the authors of the info graphic share a comprehensive checklist of questions that anyone can download and use when interviewing a commercial cleaning company, and claim if anyone downloads and uses their checklist, they will definitely find a good service provider. That checklist is available here.


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