Pornography Fuels Human Trafficking | Pornography Consumption Keeps Trafficked Victims in Chains

Human trafficking and pornography consumption have become worldwide epidemics. Learn how pornography fuels human trafficking, and vice versa. We'll look at these correlations using scientific research, statistics, and testimonies.

Pornography is now the number one reason for break-ups, divorces, and annulments.  Don’t let this insidious destroyer do any more devastation. Visit us at: and find hope and solutions today. We have practical, biblical materials to help men and women, both single and married, get freed from this addiction and also tools for spouses to heal, cope, and process from it’s effects. Check out our lengthy review section and read our many endorsements from well-established organizations, pastors, and individuals, worldwide.

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Sex Trafficking // Kansas City, Hannah Phipps

Sex Trafficking Survivor: Bella’s Story, Agape International Missions

Sex Trafficking Survivor: Bella's Story, The Conclusion, Agape International Missions

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