To Dance Or Not To Dance, That Is The Question?

Yes I dare to Dance again, a lot of the moves and grooves are from my attending UrbanStrides 3 day course to learn and practice via 'Hip Hop Dont Stop' and I have to say it was awesome and worth attending. I am going to add more leg stretches and endurance training because via this course and the Boxing match I fought in 6th October I still have a problem with Stamina. In 2008 I had a chest infection which by 2012 reduced my stamina to zero. I was on the road back, then a few years went by and I had much pain, bleeding & fever. Turned out I had a kidney stone that damaged my liver & I had an infection. It took a couple of months for them to scan & test but again the Doctor told me I had to rebuild my endurance. And by Jan 2018 I had the Aussie flu which I couldn't shift till 4 weeks before 6th Oct when I stepped in the ring after 17 years out.
But I fought and now I am still rebuilding my stamina. Sometimes I wonder if this is like ground hog day, it is like life is handing me a shovel choice and telling me to dig a hole for myself but I'm a coffin dodger and not ready for the funny farm yet so I'll see if I can get my Stamina back to form. I have some dancing to do.

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