What is EOS Labs?

At EOS Labs, our mission is to help your business operate without energy waste.

Building managers across a variety of industries all share a common pain-point: Convoluted energy usage data with numerous industry-specific variables and a lack of actionable insights. EOS Labs and the financial intelligence provided by UFIQ™, saves you time by automating analysis, specific to smart meter and interval data, and reviewing variables specific to their industry and objectives. This in turn, improves accuracy and delivers detailed insights into how energy waste impacts your bottom line today – before it shows up in your next utility bill.

With financial intelligence for next-generation utility efficiency, our team helps ensure your building is always operating at optimum levels. Regardless of your energy management system (EMS), our platform can locate and provide you with the intelligence required to take action and eliminate your energy waste – without costly capital expenditures or building upgrades.

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